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We offer over 100 programs leading to certificates, diplomas and degrees. There's even a program that will give you both a degree and a diploma! And every course leads to the ultimate opportunity - employment.

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Academic Schools

Applied Science and Technology

The School of Applied Science and Technology encompasses more than just manufacturing. We have programs specializing in Electrical/Electronics disciplines, Mechanical Design, Environmental technologies, Science Lab technologies, a Bachelor's Applied Degree in Biotechnology, and of course, Manufacturing technologies.

Graduates of our programs are in demand locally and across the country because there is a shortage of skilled workers.

Our program delivery models emphasize learning of technical and essential skills required for productivity and success in the workplace, refined through project work. Your education won't end with graduation. Many experienced technicians and technologists from our programs have advanced to corporate and leadership roles.

Building Technology

Build Your Future
Jobs in civil engineering, architectural technology and construction can be highly technical, highly paid and highly respected. You can build things and those skills are in great demand!

Learn By Doing
Fanshawe College programs are geared to learning by doing. You gain confidence by working with professors experienced in the industry who know what it takes to succeed.

Co-op Experience
By competitively obtaining co-op employment, you learn job-seeking skills. Through work experience, you increase technical knowledge, skills and understanding and gain self-confidence. Many students are offered full-time positions with their co-op employers after graduation.

Apprenticeship Training
Fanshawe offers the in-school component for construction skilled trades programs: Brick and Stone Mason, Cabinet Maker, General Carpenter, Industrial Woodworker and Plumber. While on the job working for an employer willing to train you, you will be supervised by a qualified trades person. In the classroom, you will study theory and learn to apply your skills to practical assignments.

Lawrence Kinlin School of Business


Whether you plan to start your own company or work for someone else, Fanshawe College offers you the opportunity to acquire the skills and knowledge you'll need for a strong start in any business career.

The opportunities for business students are endless and so are the options. Our start times are flexible with many programs allowing you to start in either September, January, March or May. Some programs allow you to stay for an additional third year for more in-depth education. Many programs can be taken on a part-time basis and a number of Fanshawe College business programs include optional co-op placements. We also work closely with professional associations to make sure Fanshawe's curriculum meets industry standards.

Fanshawe College will prepare you for the competitive business world, but we will also get you ready for the next challenge, whatever it is. There are countless opportunities to set you on a successful career path. The choice is yours.

School of Contemporary Media

The animation, multimedia, music, photography, television, radio, journalism, theatre, fine art, public relations and film industries are exciting, challenging and lucrative. Fanshawe College is at the leading edge of emerging techniques and technology. Our faculty and staff are active professionals in their respective fields who bring current and relevant learning from their studios to the classrooms.

Learn in the Real World
Our Contemporary Media programs emphasize hands-on learning. We have two college radio stations, including a licensed FM station, an in-house TV station and a partnership with a local cable broadcaster. Our labs and studios are awesome and our music production studios are unique to North America. Fanshawe students are out in the community conducting interviews, shooting images, mixing sound, designing and building sites, staging performances and working with other related professionals. When you complete your program, you'll have the competence to enter your chosen profession with confidence!

Work With Professionals
Our professors are respected professionals with strong ties to industry so they focus on the skills you'll need to succeed.

School of Design

Channel Your Creativity into a Career!
Creative people should be able to earn a living being creative. That's what our Design programs will help you to do. Whatever your inspiration, we'll mould that raw clay into a worker of art…you!

The Best of Both Worlds
Hands-on, manual studio projects are invaluable when learning form and design, but in the modern world you have to be tech-savvy too. We introduce materials, processes and techniques so that students develop skill and confidence using traditional methods and become experts in the development and communication of images and ideas through emerging technology. Our graduates are creative, capable and ready for their chosen industries.

Real World Lessons
Studio projects, lab work and opportunities to exhibit help build your portfolio but there's nothing like a job to put your creativity on display. Some of our diploma programs offer co-op educations so you can earn while you learn. A side benefit is that potential employers learn about you. The opportunity to work with practicing professionals will help students understand how their learning is applied in the real world. It also helps employers understand the contributions our students can make to their success. Our professors use their extensive industry contacts to help students find work placement experience and ultimately job interviews when they graduate.

School of Health Sciences & Nursing

Welcome to Health Sciences at Fanshawe College!
With graduates working across Canada and internationally, clinical partnerships across Southwestern Ontario and the city of London's reputation as a world leader in health care, we provide a dynamic and exciting learning experience for students in our Health Sciences programs!

If you combine the above with our qualified teachers and professionals, amazing new health science facilities and equipment, as well as student success initiatives and our beautiful campus it is easy to see why so many students choose health sciences at Fanshawe every year.

If caring for people and improving the lives of others is what you want to do in life, consider health sciences, not just for the satisfaction but also for the rewards. There is persistent and growing demand for health care professionals which means increased job opportunities and better pay for graduates. Many Fanshawe health sciences programs boast a 100 percent employment record.

The London Edge
London is a leading-edge health sciences centre and Fanshawe College contributes to that edge by training people in the programs listed above. Because of our working relationships with hospitals, clinics and other institutions and businesses, our students get clinical placements, part-time internships and one-on-one mentoring with health professionals.

Our range of programs allows us to offer students a chance to work with students in other programs. This means that Fanshawe's students are well prepared for the teamwork that is essential in health care professions.

School of Human Services

If you're passionate about helping people…
Fanshawe's Human Services Foundation program can introduce you to the many career options in human and community services. This program combines class work, volunteer community field placements, and guest presentations from human services workers - giving you an up-close view into this field, and helping you choose the career that's right for you.

You'll gain a broad understanding of human behaviour, and when you graduate, you'll be given extra consideration when applying to any of Fanshawe's Human Services career programs! Plus, you'll be well-positioned to apply for university programs if you achieve a 3.0 or better GPA.

School of Information Technology

Fanshawe's School of Information Technology is home to programs in Information Technology (I.T.), Office Administration and Law Clerk.

I.T. graduates are in demand! The job market is in demand and there is growing concern that we are approaching a shortage of skilled I.T. workers. Within the next four years, there will be 89,000 new I.T. related jobs in Canada and only 7,000 I.T. students set to graduate. There are endless opportunities to make your mark! With state-of-the-art computer labs and classroom facilities together with highly trained faculty and technical staff you will receive an experience like no other.

Whether you are interested in hardware, software, networking, programming, security, gaming, or web development we have a program to suit you. We offer programs of 1, 2 and 3 years in length, including graduate certificates and co-op, to provide you with several pathways to your professional career. All I.T. programs require user owned laptops to put you in the driver seat.

Office Administration graduates are well positioned to start their career in virtually any organization. Graduates from the Office Administration programs are in high demand because of the skills and abilities they acquire from a team of highly qualified faculty with ties to professional associations. Students will learn fundamental office skills, intermediate and advanced computer skills in a variety of software packages, and essential communication skills to succeed. Office Administration provides flexibility to students with 1 and 2 year programs, common semesters in first year, along with co-op and work placement opportunities.

Law Clerk graduates are prepared to enter the dynamic office environment in law offices, insurance companies, financial institutions, real estate firms, and a host of other opportunities. Students who want a job that will provide interesting and diverse challenges are well suited for this program. The Law Clerk program is 2 years in duration with an optional co-op component to gain real-world experiences.

School of Language & Liberal Studies

You're here. You're starting a new academic path.
The School of Language and Liberal Studies can help. We have five main areas of study depending on where you are coming from and where you are headed next.

We work with students to help them prepare and move to their next destination, whether it's to another level of English language training, a college career program, university, or into the workplace.

School of Motive Power Technology

Considering a career in transportation and motive power technology? At Fanshawe we cover everything from working on farm equipment and large, diesel-powered construction equipment to servicing luxury vehicles and transport trucks and coaches.

Great Prospects
Skilled technicians, who need to know the basics of everything from seat-belt systems to the latest diagnostic equipment, are in great demand. Our graduates work for equipment manufacturers, automotive, truck and heavy equipment dealers, and the parts industry. The management skills gained allow graduates to work in service administration, research and development, management and teaching positions and many graduates own their own businesses.

Apprenticeship Training
Certified trades people must complete both in-school and on-the-job training. We offer the in-school component for Agricultural Equipment Technician, Agricultural Equipment Technician (John Deere Ag Tech), Auto Body and Collision Damage Repairer, Auto Body Repairer, Automotive Service Technician, Automotive Service Technician (GM-ASEP), Heavy Duty Equipment Technician, Motive Power Technician (Automotive), Motive Power Technician (Diesel) and Truck and Coach Technician. If you want to become an apprentice, you must find an employer who is willing to train you on the job and be supervised by a qualified tradesperson.

School of Tourism & Hospitality

Welcome to the School of Tourism & Hospitality at Fanshawe College. You are exploring one of the most exciting and vibrant industries in Canada, an industry that provides numerous career opportunities in a Global market place.

Imagine studying at one of the most beautiful campuses in Canada and then working anywhere your aspirations will lead you. The opportunities open to you as a Tourism & Hospitality graduate of Fanshawe College are limitless.


Program offered at Fanshawe
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